Getting to know the ENSCI

A school with a theme, unique in France, with many career possibilities Le Journal du Parlement – n°44 Read on Vivre à Limoges – n°55 Read on

Europeen ceramics center

Opening in 2010 of the European Ceramics Center

Gathered together on the site of the ESTER Technopole are: the National Higher School of Industrial Ceramics, the Laboratory of Ceramic Processes and

Surface Treatments, the Heterogeneous Materials Study Group, the Engineering Centre for Surface Coatings and Treatments; the European Ceramics Centre is due to open in August 2010… Vivre à Limoges N° 69 – September 2010 Read on Les Brèves d’ESTER N° 72 – September 2010 Read on

Life at the ENSCI

Talents combine to innovate Presentation of first year ceramic objects. Le Populaire du Centre Article of Friday 12 June 2009 Read on L’Echo Article of Friday 12 June 2009 Read on Le Populaire du Centre Article of saturday 29 may 2010 Read on Cassaing Prize 2009 Anne-Cécile Bravo wins the prize for innovation. Limousin Université Article may 2009 Read on Research: enhanced value for Congolese clays via the Ensci

Led by the Minister for Research and Technical Innovation, a Congolese delegation came to lay the foundations for a partnership with the Ensci.

Le Populaire du Centre Article of saturday 14 february 2009 Read on Award of diplomas

Women at the top of the year

The first four places in the 111th class of the National Higher School for Industrial Ceramics are all carried off by women students. Le Populaire du Centre Article of Monday 8 December 2008 Read on

Gay Lussac

The ENSCI joins the Gay-Lussac federation

The 19th school of the group (ENSCI) is a theme school, unique in France and with a large number of career prospects, thanks to which the Gay Lussac

Federation, which groups together the French Engineering Schools of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, sees itself endowed with new skills… Studyrama website Read on The ENSCI recognised by its fellow schools Vivre à Limoges – n°57 Read on


PRES: A fund of knowledge in common

Teaching: the Presidents of the Universities of Limoges, Poitiers and La Rochelle and the Directors of Engineering Schools are working on the creation of a

Research Centre for Scientific Education… Sud-Ouest Article of Thursday 4 September 2008 Read on Doctorate students at the heart of a network of exchanges, research and integration Limousin Université – n°96 Article may 2009 Read on


The ceramics identity under construction

For three days, the representatives of great European cities of ceramics are in Limoges to help in the advancement of the European network UNIC.

Le Populaire du Centre Article of Friday 13 February 2009 Read on

The ceramics industry

Limoges becomes the capital of ceramics

The birthplace of French porcelain tradition is gradually emerging as the European benchmark for technical ceramics. A dozen or so innovative companies have

been created in recent years. L’Usine Nouvelle – N°3121 Article of 30 october 2008 Read on Research, innovation and training, a winning combination L’ICV – n°1019 Article of July/August 2008 Read on

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