Specialisation training leading to the Higher Studies Certificate for Ceramics

Field of inorganic materials: ceramics, glass, cements, earthenware, raw materials

Implementation processes – manufacturing engineering.

Duration : 1 year (from September to September)

Entrance level : scientific diploma (master, engineer) or minimum of 240 ECTS credits already validated in a master type scientific course
Organisation :
- Semester 1 : 420 hours of teaching units chosen from the ENSCI engineering training course (30 ECTS credits)
– Semester 2 : 90 hours of teaching units and personal project (in laboratory or in a company), thesis defence or viva (30 ECTS credits) Tutorials : development of a training plan with the assistance of a teacher, according to the student’s professional project. Possibility of follow-up by in-service training

Contact :


Courriel : martine.lejeune@unilim.fr

Tél. : (33) (0)5 87 50 23 69