A policy of opening-up at international level

Everything is done so that at the end of the 3 years of training, 100% of the students have spent at least one stay abroad. To date, 86% of the E N.S.C I. graduates have had experience abroad during their training: course, an exchange semester, end of studies project.

Importance of foreign languages

Today, the work of the engineer demands the mastery of one or more foreign languages. This is why learning languages is particularly important at the ENSCI: teaching in homogeneous groups to progress at your own pace, obligatory learning of a second language, minimum level required in the TOEIC test (required score: 750).

The spirit of international exchanges at the ENSCI

Just about all the students at the ENSCI make a visit abroad during their studies, mainly in Europe, North America and Central Europe, but also in Asia (Japan and China). Many bilateral contracts testify to this opening onto worldwide training and research. These contracts are the guarantee of a stay of quality abroad. The possibilities of international experience offered to our students are many and varied: training courses in a company, study stays of one or two semesters, research course and these can be carried out during the three years of schooling. The foreign students at the ENSCI come to acquire training of excellence in the field of ceramic materials, thus deepening their basic training and facing up to the challenges of a different higher educational system. One constant feature underlies this opening-up approach: to offer students diversified training of quality, coherent and appropriate to the demands of ENSCI engineer training.

How can you come to study at the ENSCI ?

-Admission on qualification to the 1st year Engineer cycle

This page is addressed to foreign students who did not begin their higher studies in France

Foreign pupils, you hold a diploma of a level higher than or equal to the bachelor in chemistry or physics, marking the successful conclusion to three or four years of higher studies, and you have a very good level in mathematics and a good knowledge of the French language.

You are very motivated to continue your studies in our school. You can apply for admission on existing qualification in the engineer cycle of the ENSCI. The selection is made on file and interview. The admissions committee will then be able to admit you to the engineer cycle. The ENSCI engineer studies last for two or three years according to your level at entrance and their successful completion is marked by an engineering diploma recognized by the French State and also conferring the grade of Master. The maximum number of students able to be admitted each year after each of the various competitive exams is fixed each year on a proposal from the School Director. All the applications are the subject of the examination of a file and are final after an interview with the admissions panel. The ENSCI is also a partner in the network n+i and in the 2nd year welcomes students educated in universities outside Europe. Website :http://www.nplusi.com

An association of students

An association of students, the ENSCI-International Activities Group, is involved in the reception of foreign students at the ENSCI and in the establishment of partnership relations with foreign counterparts for the reception of students from the ENSCI. Contact : ensciiag@gmail.com

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Relations internationales

Email : Claire.peyratout@unilim.fr

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