Our research policy

The ENSCI is a publicly-owned higher education establishment which, for this reason, is charged with developing a research activity. For the establishment, the laboratories are the means of developing effective, structured research. The two ENSCI laboratories, namely the mixed research unit (CNRS-University of Limoges-ENSCI) called Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatment Sciences (SPCTS –UMR 6638), on the one hand, and the reception team of the Heterogeneous Materials Study Group(GEMH –EA 3178), on the other, alone represent 30% of French public research in the field of ceramics.

The objectives of the research carried out at the ENSCI are threefold :

a) To develop basic research, financed by major organisations (CNRS, ANR, CEA, EuropeanUnion…), local authorities and the State ;

b) To develop finalised research, generally supported by industry, based on the knowledge acquired thanks to the basic research ;

c) To take part in the strategy of research, technology transfer, international collaboration and training of the ENSCI.

By decision of the interdepartmental committee for national and regional development of 12 July 2005, the Limoges ceramics centre received the label “Competitiveness Cluster “. The school and its laboratories are very much involved in this cluster, both at the level of governance and in their role of partners for research activities. As a major player of this cluster, this has indubitably given ENSCI visibility at international level.

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